Monday, May 5, 2008

Biritzs is Set to Launch

14 May 2008

Biritzs at its core is a general auction site, with a great value for money ethos.

Gone are the days of a totally free to list approach by alternative sites, No fees generally mean no exposure to the world. The reality is none of us get something for nothing, and for Biritzs to get out into the market place means that we have to advertise, and that advertising costs money.

To this end we have introduced a penny listing format for those that do not want to open a shop on our site.
These low price listings also come with low price FVFs, meaning that we will be able to get your items out there for the world to see. Those fees, along with our Store fees, will generate an income which will not only cover the costs of running the site but will cover the all important Marketing needed to make the site a success.

The site owners have also pledged a percentage of any site profits will go to two great causes.

Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund

Missing People

We also acknowledge the value of a well-developed niche site, which is why we intend to gradually introduce these as additional subsections.

First to be developed will be Arts & Crafts - it will reside on its own Biritzs subdomain as a virtual marketplace, where members can stage their own exhibitions and community events. Members of the Arts & Crafts community would help us to develop the site into something tailor-made for their needs.

During this process, we will also be selecting other categories to receive the same treatment. Suggestions are welcome from the members and it would help us to prioritise which ones should be dealt with first.

Over time, we hope to create a virtual shopping mall, with each market being specifically designed to its own unique requirements. General auctions will always remain at our core, but our hope is that the shopping mall will prove to be the most popular feature.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Got The Job, WooHoo

The call came last night and I was prancing around the floor with a huge grin on my face, singing and laughing when my OH got in from work! Ye gods you might say - she's gone manic! No, I'm just so excited and proud of myself!

I start next Friday with 3 long induction days, but from then on will have 3 shifts of 6hrs each, either 8am-2pm or 2pm-8pm.

There is a small niggle at the back of my mind that concerns me - what if I can't cope after 18 months of &^$£". What if I fail myself, will I be able to pick myself up, shake it off and carry on?

All I can promise myself is that I'm going to give this one hec of a go. I'm ready, someone is looking after me with the appropriateness (??LOL) of this fabulous job and I deserve to be happy again.

Hope it's been as beautiful a dawn where you are :)
Sue x

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Search for Etsy Sellers

Good Morning campers, it's overcast and drizzly here today so I've put my thinking hat on for ways to make me cheer up. I wanted to work it around Etsy and some of the fabulous sellers to be found there, so my new idea for a Wednesday morning is a 'Wednesday Search for Etsy Sellers' challenge. The idea being I choose a theme, do a search and feature 6 sellers items.

As I need cheering up, this week's theme is Roses :) One of my favourite garden flowers, they are found in almost every colour and for every location - an amazing species. And they smell fabulous too!

In no particular order, here are some examples of the tag 'rose' found on my search, all are beautiful and I could have chosen many dozens but space is a factor!

Reminiscent of Fabergé, this is a stunning, hand painted duck egg by ElegantEggArt.

Measuring 3.75" inc stand and featuring roses and Swarovski crystals, this is hand-painted in acrylics and sealed to protect.

Fed up with losing your keys, juggling the baby or the shopping?

A Wristlet Keychain is the answer. Garden Gate from jimmypickles is large enough to find in your bag and comfy enough to hang keys from your wrist.


A lovely spring looking pair of earrings from michvanetta with Lemon Roses.

Using Czech glass beads and swarovski crystals, they have a vintage aura due to using Natural Vintaj Brass findings.


I love recycling and here is a pretty, practical example from RecycledMemories. The Recycled Yellow Rose Hat is sized for a young child.

Created from a vintage Wilendur tablecloth and trimmed with lace and a flouncy bow, wouldn't Bow-girls be absolutely perfect for a summer wedding?

Another great upcycled idea from ArtfulMosaicSupplies!

Hand cut from quality china, these tiles include lovely pink roses against a green and pale yellow background.

At approx 1", they would be perfect to brighten up a recycled tea tray.

Wow, imagine a Natural rose filled soap and you have Rosary Soap from SmellsandBells.

Sprinkled with rose petals and deeply scented with rose geranium, rosewood and frankincense, it looks almost good enough to eat.


Hope you'll check these and all the fabulous sellers on Etsy soon.

Sue x